Person Centred Art Therapy:

Healing through creativity.

What is person centred art therapy?

In traditional Counselling/Psychotherapy, the focus is often on verbal communication. However, research has shown that our brain's two hemispheres serve separate functions. The left brain is associated with thinking, analysis, and verbal expression, while the right brain is connected to non-verbal, intuitive, and creative processes. Sometimes, during therapy, talking alone may keep us stuck in the left brain, preventing us from accessing repressed material on the right side, which is crucial for integration.

Person-centred art therapy offers a unique approach that engages both hemispheres, allowing for a comprehensive therapeutic experience that maximises your potential for growth and addresses your challenges.

Art therapy is a safe and powerful method that can quickly delve into the core of your concerns, promoting self-awareness and integration. You don't need to be artistically skilled; the focus is on the process rather than creating a masterpiece. All that's required is an openness to work with various art materials as we explore your inner world.

What happens during a session?

During an art therapy session, we typically begin by calming your mind through a brief guided meditation. Once you're in a relaxed and receptive state, we'll discuss a word or theme that holds significance to you based on our work together.

From there, we'll progress through four stages:

  • Imaging - allowing images to emerge in your mind's eye
  • Bringing those images to life through art
  • The therapist facilitating the meaning of the images
  • Addressing the emerging issues through counselling

Through this unique combination of art and therapy, we can tap into your inner wisdom, unravel the layers of your experiences, and work towards healing and personal growth.

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