Tap into the subconscious for lasting transformation.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Have you ever experienced moments of deep absorption, like when daydreaming or being engrossed in a book or music? That state of awareness is akin to hypnosis, a conscious experience you may have encountered without even realising it.

During hypnosis, you remain fully aware of your surroundings, but your focus shifts inward, amplifying your engagement with your own thoughts and experiences.

What happens during a session?

In a hypnotherapy session, you maintain complete control and awareness throughout the process. It's an enjoyable experience that induces physical relaxation, allowing external distractions to fade into the background.

As your attention turns inward, you become more receptive to positive suggestions and ideas we have discussed beforehand, which can help you discover solutions to the challenges you've been facing.

What happens during the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, which lasts approximately 90 minutes, we'll delve into your familiarity and understanding of hypnosis, dispelling any common misconceptions surrounding it.

This is a safe space for you to explore aspects of yourself and your life that you wish to change. I'll take brief notes during the session, enabling me to reflect on our conversation and create a tailored hypnotherapy framework aligned with your goals.

What happens at the end of the consultation?

Towards the end of the consultation, you'll have the chance to experience a brief taster of hypnosis (without the therapeutic component) to relax and enjoy the process.

Afterwards, you'll be invited to schedule your first bespoke hypnotherapy session, lasting 60 minutes. Depending on your progress and needs, subsequent sessions can be booked at a mutually convenient time.

How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

The number of hypnotherapy sessions required varies for each individual. Factors such as your current mindset and the specific issue you're addressing influence the duration of therapy.

Hypnosis is generally a shorter-term treatment, and I'll provide you with guidelines based on our consultation to help manage your expectations.

Unleash your inner potential through the power of hypnosis

Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey that brings about positive change and unlocks the possibilities within you.

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